Команды Для Админов серверов R.O.S.E Online


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Command Example
Ani /ani [id]
Ann /ann [message]
b /b [message to broadcast]
Bodysize /bodysize [#]
Ban /ban [charname]
Cha /cha [slotname] [id] [stats]
Character Info /charinfo [charname]
Class /class [id] [charname]
Convert /convert [mobid] (target mob first)
DelSpawn /DELETESPAWN [id]
Dquest /dquest
Drop /drop [type] [id]
Dspawn /DSPAWN [mobid] [mobmin] [mobmax] [respawntime - in seconds]
Espawn /ESPAWN [database id] [aggresivity]
Exp /exp [amt] [charname]
Face /face [faceid = 0 to 12] [expression 0 to 3]
fairymode /fairymode [0 or 1]
fairystay /fairystay [time in min]
fairywait /fairywait [time in min]
fairytestmode /fairytestmode [0 ot 1] 
Give2 /give2 [charname] [id] [type] [amt]
GiveFairy /givefairy [charname] [flag]
GiveZuly /givezuly [charname] [amt]
Go /go [id]
GoTo /goto [charname]
GoToMap /gotomap [mapid]
Hair /hair [hairid] (1 - 6)
Headsize /headsize [#]
Heal /heal
Here /here (sets respond back to that location)
Hide /hide [#] 1 - invisible 0 = visible
Info /info
Iquest /iquest
Item /item [itemid] [itemtype] [itemamount] [refine] [lifespawn] [stats] [socket]
Job /job [jobname] [charname] (must be level 10 with no job and only for 1st job)
Kick /kick [charname]
KillInRange /killinrange [radius]
Level /level [lvl] [charname]
LevelUp /levelup (levelup one level)
Mon /mon [monid] [count]
Move /move [charname] [map] [x] [y]
Moveto /moveto [x] [y] [z] (z is distance)
Mute /mute [charname] [time]
Npc /npc [id] (spawn an npc)
Pak /p (read packet.txt and send it)
Party Level /partylvl [level]
Playerinfo /playerinfo [charname]
Pvp /pvp (turns on PVP on current map)
Rate /rate [type] [amt] (type = drop or exp)
Reload /reload (reloads conf file)
ReloadQuest /reloadquest
Save /save
ServerInfo /serverinfo
Set /set [id] [refine]
Set (spawns) /SET (use after SSPAWN command)
Settime /settime [#] (0=morning, 1=day, 2=evening, 3=night)
ShopType /shoptype [id] (1-Igloo, 2-Fish, 3-Panda, 4-WaterSpots, 5-Moldie)
Skillp /skillp [amount] [charname]
Shutdown /shutdown [minutes]
Sspawn /SSPAWN [mobid] [mobmin] [mobmax] [respawntime - in seconds]
Stat /stat [stat] [amount] (Str, Int, Dex, Con, Sen, Cha)
Statp /statp [amount] [charname]
Summon /summon [monid]
TargetInfo /targetinfo (control click prior to see info on monster)
Tele /tele [map] [x] [y]
TeleToMe /teletome [charname]
Transx /transx [0 or 1] (0 - Male 1 - Female)
Who /who (shows you how many are online)
Who2 /who2 (shows you who and how many are online)

/cfmode , /pdmg , /mdmg 
/pdmg= /pdmg [damage rate] example 200 thats 2x the normal damage 
/mdmg= /mdmg [damage rate] example 200 thats 2x the normal monster damage 
/cfmode=/cfmode 0 or 1 0= clan wars off 1=clan wars on hope it helped ! 

/drop 1 [number 1-30] is the masks. 
/drop 2 [number ?-???] is gloves (i think) 
/drop 3 [number ?-???] is body armor 
/drop 4 [number ?-???] head piece 
/drop 5 [number ?-???] Shoes 
/drop 6 [number ?-???] Wings 
/drop 7 [number ?-???] Pots 
/drop 8 [number ?-???] (haven't found out yet, don't use it , it may crash game) 
/drop 9 [number ?-???] Rings 
/drop 10 [number ?-???] (don't remember well) 
/drop 11 [number 1-7] Cart Bodies 
/drop 12 [number ?-???] Mats/Bins/Talismans